Flamands Beach webcam, St. Barts
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Flamands Beach Webcam Brings St. Barts Surprises Home to You

St. Barts covers just 9.7 square miles. Somehow, though, the tiny and toniest corner of the French Caribbean boasts 22 beaches. Surrounding it all is another surprise: 24 or so satellite islets! One of the best places to see and experience both is Flamands Beach.

La Plage de Flamands stretches in a broad smile along the northwestern shores of St. Barts. The brilliant expanse of white sand here is said to be the widest on the island. The shade-producing palm trees scattered about the shoreline are also somewhat of a rarity in St. Barts. Beach bars and cafes are sprinkled throughout.

Indeed, there’s a lot to like here.

There’s also a lot to like just offshore. A trail of St. Barts islets can be seen out in Flamands Bay and beyond. The biggest, Île Chevreau, is also the closest. In the distance, Île Frégate and Île Toc Vers, both included in the Saint Barthelemy Natural Preserve, invite undersea interactions with protected sea life.

If I could be anywhere in St. Barts today, if would be Flamands Beach. This makes me cherish the Flamands Beach webcam all the more right about now…

St-Barth.com Live Webcam - Flamand Beach

Ever spent the day at Flamands Beach? Got any tips on eateries, must-see’s, and/or special things to do? If so, let us know by leaving a comment below…


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