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Friday Happy Hour: Sweet ‘n Cute Rhum Vanille La Gloriette

It’s not often you’ll find us extolling the virtues of a rum whose labeling exceeds her liquid, but just look at that bottle of Rhum Vanille La Gloriette… Have you ever before seen a rum so purposely positioned to be so, ummm… cute?

Think about it, cute and rum just don’t really go together too often. Rum is sexy. Rum is bold, daring; always an inch or two from danger.

Cute? Never!

Somehow, though, it works for La Gloriette.

The rhum comes from a restaurant of the same name located directly on the beach in Grand Cul-de-Sac. Apparently, the place had closed some years ago, though I was told by the friendly folks at the Guanahani Resort & Spa earlier today that La Gloriette re-opened in the same spot, with the same owner a few years ago.

The continuity in ownership has paid dividends for rhum lovers as the same Rhum Vanille recipe from the past is still used to make this uniquely spiced blend today.

One sip and you’ll find that the cuteness on the label extends to the rhum itself, which is supremely sweet. It’s also a bit thick, reminiscent of a rich, homemade Guavaberry Rum, though with less bite and a lot more vanilla and sweetness. I wouldn’t mix this stuff with anything, except maybe one ice cube and a sultry late-afternoon beach scene…

To get a taste of Rhum Vanille La Gloriette, head to the restaurant, though you’ll want to take note of their varied operating hours lest you show up when they’re closed and probably enjoying the beach, and their fine Rhum Vanille, themselves…

À votre santé!

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