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On-Site St. Croix: 10 Days Ago at Buck Island

It’s not cold where I am. I live in South Florida. I spent much of my Christmas yesterday at the beach. Today, it’s 80-degrees and sunny. I have nothing to complain about weather-wise.


Yeah, all things being equal, I’d rather find myself in the surrounds pictured above… Buck Island… St. Croix… U.S. Virgin Islands…


This is where I was 10 short days ago, in the midst of enjoying another epic day-sail with our good friend, Captain Carl Punzenberger, aboard his 38 foot trimaran, Dragonfly.

The sea, as clear as ever, with scores of turtles surfacing to say hello along our journey. The sky, crisp and mostly clear; steady Christmas winds keeping the temps at a comfy level the whole day.

The only readily discernible trace of Maria: a little beach erosion. Nothing more.

Buck Island… Heaven…

Just as it’s always been.

Editor’s note: Stay tuned for a full week of dedicated coverage on how St. Croix is faring right now, nearly 100 days post-Hurricane Maria, beginning on Monday, January 1!

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