Sunset Look of Love
🇻🇮St. Croix

Another Day Fades Fabulously Away at Rainbow Beach

The look of love.

You can catch it at the close of most any day along the west coast of St. Croix. Days tend to end gently here. Soft breezes, smooth seas, waves lapping tenderly at the shore… Mampi may bite, but it hardly matters much. This is especially so when you enjoy your sunset lime at Rainbow Beach. Check with Wisdom, Lexi, or any of the other bartenders at Rhythms At Rainbow Beach for your favorite libation. (If you fancy a frozen cocktail, you can also opt for the Side Bar.) Personally, I always opt for a “rocks pour” of Cruzan dark with lime. After one or two pops, all you’ll be feeling is fine; your gaze, like that of the woman above, fixed lovingly on this…

Your monthly moment of zen.


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