🇻🇮St. Croix

The Past is Passed — On Being Present in Sunny St. Croix

We’ve spent the last week glavanting all over a post-Maria St. Croixhiking to brilliant beaches, checking out the island’s first new hotel in decades, chatting up fisherman, and pretty much anyone who would let us point a camera at them, but sometimes, to really get the feel of a place at any moment in time, you simply need to sit and be present.

For our St. Croix Moment of Zen we could have picked any number of celebrated places (Turtle Beach anyone?), but there was just something about this bench shaded by its windswept companion on the southeastern coast that spoke to us. Maybe it was just a whisper in the wind or the surf just out of sight, but it was there.

See if you can feel it yourself:

Taking a Moment Under a Tree on St. Croix


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