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Caravelle Hotel Webcam Keeps Us In The Heart of Christiansted Harbor

Historic Christiansted Harbor shines from every angle, all the time. The swath of blue between the Boardwalk and Protestant Cay is perpetually loaded with boats. It’s no wonder, of course. This is one of the Caribbean’s most protected harbors. That fact, plus numerous anchorages and on-shore nightlife options aplenty have long made St. Croix’s principal harbor a favorite of the seafaring set. For those with shaky sea legs who nevertheless love to admire boats, though, Christiansted offers a handful of hotel options. Among them, Caravelle Hotel has some of the best harbour views. Just check out the Caravelle Hotel webcam for proof…

Caravelle Hotel In St. Croix

I’ve shared my affection for the views on offer here before. Now, though, after more than a month of quarantine life, that love has only grown stronger.

This is especially so around twilight time. As the sun settles down to the west, the fading light brightens every boat, causing them to glow. Golden sparkles dance upon the rippling seas as the tarpon crowd the Boardwalk hoping for a treat from a seaside diner. The breeze picks up slightly as pelicans swoop off to perches unknown. Eventually harbor lights begin their all-night dance atop the tall masts of each sailing ship. The Boardwalk party starts in earnest, but out among the anchorages all remains calm.

It’s beautiful. It’s home. And thanks to the Caravelle Hotel webcam, we all get to live it in some small virtual way every single day.


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