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Caribbean Wallpaper Wednesday: Exclusive Sandy Point Beach

Most Beautiful Beach I’ve Ever Experienced!
Absolutely beautiful!
A Hidden gem!

Try searching for information on Sandy Point, St. Croix and you’ll very quickly start to see a trend in the overwhelmingly gushing reviews. Steve even declared it “The World’s Best Beach” on this very site! Even with his admission of Crucian bias, that’s still a pretty serious statement. A statement the pristine expanse of sand, sea, and sky captured in this week’s Caribbean Wallpaper totally lives up to… If you can experience it.

Believe the hype.

Two miles long and every bit as pretty as a picture, Sandy Point is the quintessential tropical paradise. It’s fairly secluded at the end of a long gravel road at the far western tip of the island. Sea grapes and palm trees obscure the beach’s relatively new, small parking lot adding to the feeling of seclusion. Green vines sporting fragrant pink blossoms crawl from the tree line a short way out onto brilliant white sands. The slightly sloping beach is the perfect width if ever there was one. And beyond? Impossibly turquoise waves lazily roll in to gently lap against shore.

An exclusive beach club.

But as Steve mentioned before, this beach has a pretty tight door policy. No, it’s not dotted with celebrities and millionaires. Its VIPs are a bit more down to earth: leatherback turtles. Or more specifically, their babies. Being a prime leatherback turtle nesting ground certainly adds to the natural authenticity of the location, but unfortunately it also means the beach is closed from April to August when the behemoth baby-mama’s come ashore.

Even outside of nesting season, the refuge is only open to the public from 10:00am to 4:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays, and closed at all other times. (Get complete details at the Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge site.)

With the deck stacked against you, this week’s Sandy Point Caribbean Wallpaper may be the closest you can get to this natural beauty…

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