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Discovering New Beaches Back Home In Saint Croix

I am a proud Crucian, born and raised in Saint Croix, United States Virgin Islands. While I haven’t lived there for years, I’m fortunate enough to have a job that brings me back home on a regular basis. Even better, said job compels me to explore all corners of my home island to the fullest. This might suggest that surprise STX nooks and crannies would be few and far between for me. Nothing, though, could be further from the truth. I find cool, new-to-me somethings every single time that I return to St. Croix. The stretch of beach I’m enjoying in this photo is the latest such example. It sits just north of Rainbow Beach along Saint Croix’s wondrous west coast. It’s not quite to Sprat Hall Beach either, though I guess you can say that I’m basking in the waters of Sprat Hole. I always remembered the shoreline here being rocky and uninviting. Considering the timing of my visit, shortly after hurricanes Irma and Maria, I’m guessing I have the storms to thank for the brilliant stretch of “new” beach.

A sublime silver lining, indeed.

Wish you were here..?


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It's our first trip back to our home island of St. Croix in just over three years, and really, it could not have come at a better time.
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Favorite beaches, because the food is so good, because the sunsets are so beautiful, to swim with the fish, to go sailing, because it never snows there — there are probably a million reasons to return to St. Croix. What are yours?
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