Dorsch Beach Sunset
🇻🇮St. Croix

Soul-Stirring Summer Dorsch Beach Sunset, St. Croix

Every Dorsch Beach sunset is special; a daily miracle of colors, lights, and sounds that validate the notion that “West Is Best” in St. Croix. The particular sunset that I enjoyed here on June 5, 2021, though, was something altogether different. It was next level. Spiritual. Soul-stirring.

The wife and I were there along with dozens of friends and strangers to celebrate the life of my great good friend, Jill Dedinsky.

To know Jill was to know joy itself. She was the walking embodiment of love and generosity, always ready to lift spirits and make you smile. Wherever Jill went, good times and big laughs were never far behind. Indeed, she was the best.

The greater powers that directed the sunset that followed Jill’s celebration of life on that early-June Saturday evening must’ve agreed. From the vibrant kaleidoscope of colors tracing across the sky, to the flat-calm seas, and light cooling breezes, the atmosphere couldn’t have been more fitting.

We could all feel Jill there with us one final time as the light faded and a pod of dolphin gently crested the seas just a few yards offshore. It was magical, which considering who Jill was and how she lived her life really should not have surprised any of us.

Every Dorsch Beach sunset is special. Like JillyD, though, there will never be another like this one.

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