Feather Leaf Path to Butler Bay, St Croix
🇻🇮St. Croix

Pleasant Feather Leaf Path to Butler Bay, St Croix

Every great undersea adventure begins with a walk. Often, these walks are somewhat arduous. I mean, you tend to need a good amount of gear to max-out your fun beneath the waves. Lugging it to the shore can be a pain. Not at the Feather Leaf Inn, however. The path to the snorkeling Shangri-la that is Butler Bay is all downhill from this paradisiacal former plantation turned holistic hideaway on the west coast of St Croix. This, plus the property’s viridescent surrounds make the experience of trekking to the sea here about as pleasurable as the snorkel fun that awaits.

Wish you were here at Feather Leaf..?  

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