Frederiksted Fishermen's Pier
🇻🇮St. Croix

Sunday Fun at Frederiksted Fishermen’s Pier, St. Croix

It’s all business most every day at the Frederiksted Fishermen’s Pier. Local anglers come and go here at various times of the day and well into the night. Early-am and late-afternoon periods are the busiest. You can and should, however, expect to see the serious work associated with supplying St. Croix’s seafood needs right here at any time. Any time, that is, except Sunday. That’s when sinewy seamen give way to the young and young at heart. Kids crowd the jetty throughout the afternoon alternately laughing and leaping into the sea. Fishing boats still come and go, albeit at a slower pace emblematic of the lazy last few hours of every weekend in St. Croix.

Wish you were here…?


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