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Friday Happy Hour: Crucian Passion Fruit Honey Mead Mimosa from Eat @ Cane Bay

It being the last Friday of the year, we’re naturally celebrating, though not as you might expect…

You could say we overdid it on the rum during the usual Noche Buena and Christmas celebrations here at the UC SoFla headquarters. Or you could say that we’re being true to our uncommon nature and branching out to try something new.

Or maybe we just miss being back home in St. Croix.

I’m pretty psyched to have Patrick and his family hanging with us in South Florida this year, but the last time we Bennett bros spent the Holidays together in St. Croix was a good 20 years ago!

We’ve enjoyed Johnny Cakes, guavaberry, macaroni pie, callaloo, coquito, lechon, and all manner of Cruzan Rum over the past few days, but really, nothing compares to actually being back in West, going to St. Gerard’s Hall and experiencing de quadrille first hand, or going to the opening of the Crucian Christmas Festival Village tonight!

This combination of home sickness and slight rum fatigue has us mixing up something new tonight… Something like the Crucian Passion Fruit Honey Mead Mimosa.

I’d known that honey production had been on the rise in St. Croix in recent years, but it wasn’t until my last visit there this past April that I learned that the good folks at the Wright Apiary were also making a wikkid honey wine seasoned sweetly in a variety of tropical fruit flavors. I learned of this at one of my favorite seaside restaurants/bars anywhere, Eat @ Cane Bay.

It was there where I enjoyed my first taste of Crucian Mead in a shot that gave new meaning to smooth sweetness.

It was also there that I learned of the Crucian Honey Mead Mimosa, a favorite of the fabulous Eat @ Cane Bay Sunday Brunch menu. We’ve enjoyed a few so far today. If you want to join us, here’s the recipe…

Put some ice in your wine glass. Fill 3/4 of the way with champagne. Fill the rest of the way with Crucian Honey Mead. Mix and enjoy.

To order your Crucian Mead, visit the Wright Apiary online today.


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