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Friday Happy Hour: Eat at Cane Bay’s Frank Robinson Mixes Up a Tastes Like Sunday

Sundays back on my home island of St. Croix are magical, a point we’ve made more than a few times over the years. This is the day for liming on the beach, visiting with friends and family, and basically just having fun amid such alluring, almost impossibly beautiful environs as those pictured above.

Oh yes, St. Croix Sundays are special indeed. So special, in fact, that they have their own distinctive cocktail flavor, at least according to our friends at Eat @ Cane Bay.

This is one of our favorite spots for inventive cocktails (and eats and live reggae) on St. Croix, especially when our buddy, Frank Robinson, is “Behind the Stick.” I first got to know him through our erstwhile mixologist, Jesse Card, who shared a few tricks and tactics with Frank years ago. If you’re lucky enough to find him behind the bar at Eat when you visit, you’ll quickly note that this former apprentice has more than earned his master’s in mixology.

Frank pours ’em long and strong, which, when it comes to a Tastes Like Sunday, is a very good thing.

The pineapple in this one can overwhelm the rum with more sweetness than I like, so a heavy pour is preferred. As you can see in the video below, Frank obliges nicely…

Does Tastes Like Sunday embody the true flavor of my favorite day back home?

In many way, yes… especially if Frank is doing the pouring!


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