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That Time The Greatest American Hero Saved St. Croix

I don’t care how big of a superhero fan you think you are, if you weren’t living in St. Croix in the 1980’s then you probably don’t remember The Greatest American Hero. The stiff and cheesy ABC series only lasted a couple years (1981-83), despite having such big names as Stephen J. Cannell (creator), Robert Culp (actor) and Mike Post (composer) headlining the credits.

These guys were behind such celebrated TV classics as I Spy, Hill Street Blues, and The Rockford Files!

As for The Greatest American Hero… Well, somehow I doubt that it shows very prominently in their bios…

Like Crocket and Tubbs, though, the mad-cap caped crusader holds a special place in the hearts of 1980’s-era Crucians. For the reason why, watch the video below. What you’ll see is “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea,” episode 15 of the second season of The Greatest American Hero, which was filmed almost entirely in St. Croix.

Like the wild episode of Miami Vice we profiled here, this film production took the island by storm! The shoot was big news on our tiny island. The excitement only heightened once the show aired in February 1982.

Check out this very special (for us Crucians, anyway) episode of The Greatest American Hero and see how many STX landmarks you can make out!

The Greatest American Hero - Season 2, Episode 15 - The Devil and the Deep... - Full Episode

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