🇻🇮St. Croix

Wild, Wonderful Hams Bay, St. Croix: Uncommon Attraction

Every island has its “No Man’s Land;” its wild and remote hardscrabble shoreline where few things grow and even fewer people live. To me, these are spiritual places where you can actually feel the raw power of Mother Nature. She flexes her muscles big time here, hurtling an endless stream of progressively mightier waves at the shore day after day after day. Each forceful crash continues a centuries-old task, shaping and re-shaping the land; perfecting a masterpiece. Hams Bay on our home island of St. Croix is just such a place. I’m drawn here every time I’m back home to feel the power of nature, revel in the seclusion, and reconnect with the soul of St. Croix.

Hams Bay is located in the extreme northwest corner of St. Croix. To get here, take Hams Bluff Road (Highway 63) due north from Frederiksted. A single lane turnoff at Caledonia Valley snakes right to the shore.


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