🇻🇮St. Croix

In-Transit Tunes: Easy Skanking Down to St. Croix

Greetings from our warm and sunny home island of St. Croix, where Patrick and I met up with our older brother, Peter, earlier this afternoon to kick off the brotherly reunion 25 years in the making that Patrick mentioned yesterday.

We’ll have a lot more fun to share with you throughout the weekend, but for tonight I thought I might give you a little insight into the soundtrack to my trip thus far…

Click on the image above to enjoy an 8tracks.com mix of a few of the reggae classics that I enjoyed on my JetBlue flights back home earlier today and let us know what jammin’ tunes fuel your Caribbean adventures in the comment box below.

We’re always keen on expanding our travel playlist, so share your favorite tracks with us today!

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