Prone Coconut Palm
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The Most Instagrammable (and Easiest to Climb) Palm Tree in St Croix

How many times have you ever stood under a coconut palm and thought, “Oh yeah, I can climb that!” The notion surely crossed my mind dozens of times during my childhood years growing up in St Croix. Any dreams that I had of scaling aloft to pluck coconuts by hand, though, were quickly dashed. Climbing a coconut tree, you see, just isn’t all that easy.

Unless, that is, you come across this rather uncommon coconut palm.

It’s found along the shores of Ha’Penny Beach. More specifically, it’s directly in front of Hummingbird Hideaway, one of the best-kept secrets in beachfront accommodations in St Croix.

I discovered quite a number of interesting things while exploring Ha’Penny during my August 2021 stay at Hummingbird. This ridiculously prone palm, though, topped them all. I mean, the near entirety of its trunk literally runs atop the sand!

In addition to an easy “climb,” this most impossible palm also provides tremendous shade. This, of course, creates fabulous liming opportunities.

Relaxing here in the sand, shrouded within a canopy of mature palm fronds, is a unique experience I highly recommend!

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