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Oh-So Thankful To Call St. Croix Home

It would be easy to assume that the very notion of thankfulness would be part in partial to the Caribbean experience; an element of life as ingrained in the hearts and souls of all who call the region home as the absolute natural beauty of our islands.

Sadly, this is not always so.

I speak from experience, of course.

Like many kids who grow up in small, sleepy, and semi-isolated places, eighteen-year-old me couldn’t wait to leave my home island of St. Croix for the bright lights and excitement of the States. Johnny Cakes, warm sun, and Carnival be damned! I wanted bigger/better.

Oh yeah, I always enjoyed island life and truly loved St. Croix, but in hindsight it’s safe to say that I took her charms for granted.

The truth, I’ve come to learn, is that there’s no place better for me. No place I’m more thankful to still call home, even though I haven’t lived there for more than 20 years. No place I love more.

No place like St. Croix…

Thanks to filmmaker Marcus Anthony Clark for producing this beautiful representation of my home island, reminding me of all the little things that make St. Croix so special, and further stoking my desires to return for good some day.

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Favorite beaches, because the food is so good, because the sunsets are so beautiful, to swim with the fish, to go sailing, because it never snows there — there are probably a million reasons to return to St. Croix. What are yours?
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