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One Of The Simple Joys of Uncommon Travel in St. Croix

Uncommon travel, defined as it is by our propensity for aimless wandering, excessive limin’ by de rum shop, and wild adventure, is not for everyone…especially kids.

That’s not to say that our travels are all X- or even R-rated. It’s just that as the Dad to twin boys, I certainly can appreciate the benefits of maintaining a steady routine in happy child rearing. And, of course, there’s generally very little, if anything, that’s routine about our travels.

So, when the kids are in tow and we’re way off-schedule, a little distraction tends to go a long way. Today’s tech toys – iPads, iPhones, and the like – can come in handy, but true to the uncommon spirit, our kids tend to prefer less sophisticated diversions, like those pictured above.

That’s my nephew, Trinidad, delighting in chasing chickens last Thanksgiving on the grounds of Fort Christiansvaern on our home island of St. Croix. We had just arrived downtown to do a little shopping, something that the smallest among us truly had little interest in pursuing.

The chickens, though, saved the day. Words do little justice in describing his laughter and squeals of delight in darting about the lawn in hot pursuit. The boy also learned a valuable lesson about trying to chase a mother hen protecting her chicks!

They don’t run away!

It was a small thing, this little distraction, but it made a big difference in getting us to Sonya’s, Jan Mitchell’s, and a few other choice spots, while also making bedtime a little easier later on…

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