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First Few Steps onto Shoys Beach, St. Croix: Photo of the Day

It takes some doing to get to Shoys Beach. A near-perfect crescent of sand nestled along the northeastern shore of St. Croix, just a tick east of the famed Buccaneer Hotel, Shoys is pure beach perfection to me.

In varying sections, the water is calm enough for small kids with novice swim skills to splash around on their own, or for paddleboarding enthusiasts to enjoy a leisurely jaunt across the waves. At the same time, a bit further out along the reef that fringes the far eastern edge of the beach, you might see surfers hanging 10 on modest, though consistent waves.

The snorkeling is great here too, as are the opportunities for romantic seclusion as these shores are almost always sparsely populated. This, of course, goes back to the whole accessibility issue.

To get to Shoys, you’ll want to head to The Buccaneer. Before you reach the big wrought iron security gates at the main entrance, veer to the right. There you’ll find a much smaller security gate where you’ll be asked for your name and for details on where you’re going. You’re about to enter a high-end residential neighborhood, so smile, be nice, and all will be okay.

Follow the road from the security gate straight up and over the hill. Keep going as the road eventually veers left. Soon you’ll come across a small, gravel parking area astride another imposing security gate for a private home. Here’s where it gets tricky.

The path to Shoys goes through some thick, and in some spots, very low-hanging mangroves. The footing is good, so long as there hasn’t been much rain, and the path isn’t very long, but be prepared to duck down low (or limbo) as you make your way to the sight pictured above.

Beholding that view as you emerge from the mangroves and make your first few steps onto Shoys Beach is truly special. I’ve been coming here my whole life and it still takes a bit of my breath away every single time.

Note: The only structures around Shoys Beach are private homes – no bars, restaurants, restroom facilities, etc. Whatever you bring with you is all that you’ll have out here, and all that we hope you’ll take away (besides great memories) when you leave.

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