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View From My Happy Place at Home In St. Croix: Photo of the Day

I’m always insanely grateful to have been born and raised in St. Croix, but when I need a pick-me-up, well, that just goes double. After all, it’s only natural to yearn for a retreat to the warmth and familiar surroundings of home to relax, regroup, and re-commit to grabbing life by the horns whenever necessary. When your home just happens to be as special as St. Croix, accomplishing all of the above is just that much easier.

For me, this is especially true in the sweet slice of heaven pictured above.

That’s the view from the sand at Turtle Beach, the absolutely pristine stretch of white that extends along the western edge of Buck Island.

We’ve written a lot before of the many great things to do at Buck Island. Just sailing there can be an unforgettably uncommon experience unto itself, if you choose the right captain, of course. The hiking and birdwatching, snorkeling the Underwater Trail, and simply reveling in the otherworldly sunsets here are all great reasons to pay Buck Island a visit.

When I’m back in St. Croix in six weeks, though, all I’ll really want to do is sit myself down in that soft Turtle Beach sand and gaze southwest at my old island home, whatever boats and old friends might be bobbing around, and whatever else nature decides to throw our way…

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