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Saturday Video: Hiking Up & Around Buck Island

Buck Island Christmas Bird Count 2010

Regret. It’s a terrible thing. I try very hard to avoid having regrets about anything in my life, but there are a few things I missed out on while growing up in St. Croix that I wish I could go back in time to enjoy more fully now.

Take Buck Island, for instance. This small, (176 acres) uninhabited island located a mile and a half off the northeast coast of St. Croix is a prime day sail destination for visitors and locals alike. The whole island and its surrounding waters have been protected by the U.S. Government since 1948, so it’s all nature out here.

No resorts, no Margaritaville. Just pure, unspoiled Caribbean beauty.

I’ve been out there dozens of times over the years to enjoy the beach, snorkel the Buck Island Reef National Monument Trail, and, in general, goof off with my friends (i.e.: boozing). What I regret, though, is that I never took the time to hike the trail that traverses the island.

The video above shows what I’ve been missing. The hike starts at Turtle Beach at the far western edge where all the boats anchor and the weekend party I used to love so much rages. It extends up to the island’s tallest point, offering amazing views of the surrounding waters and St. Croix to the south.

It doesn’t look like a particularly challenging hike (nothing like this), so I’ll be sure to make it part of my next Buck Island itinerary, even with my usual beach-booze shenanigans.

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🇻🇮Buck Island

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🇻🇮Buck Island

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