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The Great John L. Sings Christmas in St. Croix

Right next to warm weather, Cruzan Rum and spending time with old friends, my favorite thing about Christmas back home in St. Croix is the music. Whether it’s homegrown quelbe and scratch band riddims, calypso, reggae, etc., St. Croix has produced some of the best Holiday Season anthems the Caribbean has ever known.

Today’s video showcases one of my all-time favorites, Christmas in St. Croix by The Great John L.

Christmas in St. Croix - The Great John L.

Originally from Guyana, John L. lived much of his life in the Virgin Islands, and as you can hear in this classic calypso, he truly was a Crucian at heart. The song vividly captures the spirit of the Holiday Season back home, touching on our unique Christmas Carnival celebration, the special foods we love to eat at this time of year, and the wonderfully excessive length of the fete – “Spreeing from the 24th, up until Three Kings Day… guavaberry down me throat, see John L. break away!”

Yes, I am EXCEEDINGLY biased, but for me, nothing compares to Christmas in St. Croix (the song and the season).

The song, combined with spectacular photos captured by Ted Davis all over the island, is a bittersweet reminder to me of Crucian Christmases long gone by (I haven’t been back for the Holidays in YEARS), and a kick in the ass to make sure I don’t miss it again next year!

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