Sex in the Champagne Room Cocktail
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Sex in the Champagne Room Cocktail Recipe from Eat @ Cane Bay

Back in the summer of 2011, I celebrated my 40th birthday with UC fans, family, and friends at Eat @ Cane Bay on my home island of St. Croix. It was a very memorable party, made all the more special by Sex in the Champagne Room. Now, now…there’s no need to blush. This tale is totally innocent… Mostly. You see, in those days, Eat @ Cane Bay served up some of the tastiest signature cocktails on Saint Croix. One of ’em, the Sex in the Champagne Room Cocktail, seemed apropos of my special occasion.

After all, a 40th birthday is cause for some serious celebrating, right? And what says celebration more than champagne and… *ahem*… knockin’ boots?

  • 2 oz Cruzan Vanilla Rum
  • 3 oz Cranberry Juice
  • 1-1/2 oz Champagne

According to Katherine Pugliese, owner of Eat @ Cane Bay, the name for the drink was inspired by this popular track from comedian Chris Rock’s 1999 Bigger & Blacker album. Judging by the drink’s uncommon combo of vanilla rum and champagne, though, this cocktail is no joke.

Talking Dirty With Katherine Pugliese

Now, I gotta’ stop here and say something about Katherine… The woman is sexy.

Damn sexy.

You know those people who exude sexiness in everything they do? Yeah, she more than qualifies. Talking cocktails over the phone with her earlier today was tantamount to calling one of those 900-numbers they advertise on TV late at night. You know, the classy ones with the sophisticated raspy voices at the other end? Yeah, talking to Katherine on the phone about most anything is like that.

I asked Katherine how her Sex in the Champagne Room Cocktail tastes. Her spine-tingling response:

Sexy, velvety and plush.

Three simple words, uttered softly with just the right type of breathless intonation…

Oh yes, make mine a double! Here’s how…

Sex In The Champagne Room Cocktail Recipe

Grab a glass. Fill it with ice. Pour in your Cruzan Vanilla Rum. Add cranberry juice. Top with champagne. Get sexy!


Editor’s note: Eat@Cane Bay is now The Landing Beach Bar! The Sex in the Champagne Room Cocktail isn’t on The Landing’s menu, though the sexy beach vibes and good times remain as great as ever here. Learn why The Landing is beach bar heaven for craft beer lovers here.

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