Shoys Beach Siesta
🇻🇮St. Croix

Shoys Beach Siesta – Take Time Out From Life in Saint Croix

Run away! Modern life and the attendant adulting it demands periodically has us all jonesing for an escape. Not an ordinary trip, mind you. I’m talking a full on retreat into a whole other life altogether. A life without crazy deadlines, even crazier bosses, and panic-inducing commutes. A life in which a daily Shoys Beach siesta like this is the new ordinary…

In my case, of course, this new ordinary would be the same as my old one.

Yeah, I’m missing life back on my home island of St. Croix (and the occasional Shoys Beach siesta) quite a lot these days.

If you’re a Crucian in exile like me, or just keen on moving to St. Croix, we’ll have some useful new content you’ll want to keep an eye out for in the coming days/weeks.

Stay tuned…


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