Shoys Beach swimming
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Shoys Beach Swimming – How Best To Enjoy These St. Croix Seas

The waters at Shoys Beach are enticing. So enticing, in fact, that you might be tempted to throw all caution to the wind upon arriving here. It’s easy to imagine anyone wanting to sprint from the sand downhill to the surf and dive headlong into the blue. This, however, would be a mistake. To enjoy a bit of Shoys beach swimming actually takes a bit of caution. The shallows here are fairly rocky, particularly at the extreme ends of the bay. Churning surf makes the rocks difficult to see, which can lead to stubbed toes, or worse.

This doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t enjoy these sublime seas. All that’s required is a more measured approach. One much like what you see pictured above.

Look out for rocks as you take your time entering and exiting the surf. Tread slowly, carefully, and at the center of the beach, and there’s no reason why your Shoys Beach swimming experience can’t be all that you’ve ever dreamed.

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