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My Sweet Struggles Sleeping At The Fred, St. Croix

Sleep with Fred.

The double entendre baked into the url and social media handles (@sleepwithfred) for one of St. Croix’s newest hotels isn’t lost on anyone who checks in here. The place is damnsexy, a fact made most obvious to me by this bed. Sleeping at The Fred, you see, is not so easy when you’re traveling alone.

Well, at least is wasn’t for me. I checked in here on a solo trip back home to St. Croix last December. The annual Crucian Christmas Festival Season was just getting started. Parties raged on throughout much of Frederiksted during my stay, but it wasn’t the revelry that curtailed my REM z’s.

The bed was just so perfectly plush and delicious that it demanded to be shared.

Sleeping At The Fred Alone? Good luck!

The soothing, rhythmic sound of waves pounding along the shore just outside my door made the atmosphere all the more alluring.

Tossing led to turning; turning to yearning, and eventually a little midnight meandering down to the beach. You know, to cool off…

Having trouble Sleeping At The Fred? A quick dip in these waters can help...

Sea view from The Fred, St. Croix | SBPR

A nice night swim always puts me at ease. Now that The Fred’s long-awaited (and also damnsexy) pool is finally open, guests here have two cool down options.

Given the choice, though, I’d rather heat things up in that bed before opting for a swim, or anything else…

During my December 2018 stay at The Fred, I enjoyed the stylish comforts of the Albert suite within the Douglas House section of the hotel. For more on sleeping at The Fred, be sure to visit them online.


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