St Croix jetty Fishing
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St Croix Jetty Fishing Lime Near Dusk in Frederiksted

The time-honored West Indian tradition of liming generally involves doing as little as possible.  To”buss a lime” is, essentially, synonymous with hanging out. Generally this is done with one or more friends, but you can also lime solo. Drinks or smokes of some sort also tend to be part of the laid-back fun, though they’re not necessary either. How you lime, really, is more about what you like to do to relax and catch vibes. In the case of these friends, whom I happened upon recently on Fishermen’s Pier in Frederiksted, a St Croix jetty fishing lime gave them a chance to catch up and share a few laughs, while also catching dinner.

Wish you were here enjoying a St Croix jetty fishing lime..?


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