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Welcome to #StCroixVibes Week on Uncommon Caribbean!

What does it mean to catch a vibe in St. Croix? To me, there’s no singular correct answer. Enjoying a beach lime at Shoys, Rainbow, or Sandy Point? Hiking in the “rainforest?” Indulging in one of the Caribbean’s most vibrant cocktail/culinary scenes? Sailing, scuba diving, and other adventures at sea? It all qualifies in my book! Catching a vibe in St. Croix means doing something, anything that feeds your soul, while also putting you more in tune with the heartbeat of the island.

Put another way, it’s all the things we’re about to tell you about this week!

Welcome to #StCroixVibes Week, our latest homage to the special corner of the Caribbean we’ll always know as home.

Over the past 14 months, we’ve made three trips back to St. Croix. Each time we found new enticements, attractions, curiosities, and fun. Some old favorites have faded away, sure, but there are a lot of new charms now that are well worth experiencing.

Is 2020 the best time in years to visit St. Croix? We think so. Check in for new #StCroixVibes Week content here on our site, as well as on our Instagram, twitter, and Facebook feeds every day this week and let us know if you agree…


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