🇻🇮St. Croix

Stealing Away To The Western Tip of Sandy Point, St. Croix

Sandy Point is pretty big. The pristine white sands here extend for two miles, separating the amazingly azure seas along St. Croix’s west end from a protected natural habitat measuring nearly 400 acres in size. There’s lots of space to stretch out and enjoy a beach lime here, a fact that has attracted larger Sunday crowds these days than I can ever remember during my childhood years. Back then, it seemed my small circle of friends always had Sandy Point all to ourselves, even in the height of the peak winter travel season. Despite the added people, though, you can still find a little seclusion at the far western end of the beach. Just grab your special someone, head west, and settle in for the show. I’ve often seen dolphins swim by that point in the late afternoon hours…

Wish you were here?

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