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Sweet Sorrel Moments at La Reine Farmer’s Market, St Croix

Even amidst the most hectic and bustling of local Caribbean markets there are quiet moments to be cherished. Little scenes, easily missed, starring little people that bring smiles to all. Some of these special moments trigger long-lost memories in me. The sweet sorrel moment pictured here is a prime example.

It happened at the La Reine Farmer’s Market back home in St. Croix, a place I knew well. The starring little guy, though, remains a mystery to me.

He was tagging along with a woman I assumed to be his mother as she shopped. I probably wouldn’t have noticed him at all if not for the heaping mound of sorrel. It seemed to enthrall him as his mom engaged in conversation with the seller several heads and shoulders above.

I stood there watching him repeatedly rising to his tippy-toes to gain a better look at the rich-red herbs that would eventually become that most cherished of Christmas drink treats. As I did, I was transported back to my childhood days attending my mom’s visits to the old local market in Christiansted.

For a few brief moments I found myself lost in his curiosity. The words of all the adults faded to indecipherable Peanuts-style drivel. Their big words didn’t matter. Not here in the market. Not with all that great sorrel right at eye-level.

Could he know what sorrel even was? What delectable drinks all those red wonders would yield?

I didn’t ask. It didn’t matter.

For me (and I’m guessing for him too), it was more than enough to stand spellbound by all that sumptuous sweet sorrel.

In search of a quick and easy sorrel recipe? Here’s ours right here!


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