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Christiansted Holiday Boat Parade, St. Croix: Uncommon Attraction

It’s easy for us to get nostalgic over all the great festivals, food, and fun that made our childhood Christmases in St. Croix so special. Village, trampin’, Armstrong’s guavaberry ice cream – it’s truly the shame of my adult life that I’ve yet to expose my kids to all the wonders of a real Crucian Christmas.

As great as the old stuff is, though, it’s some of the new “reasons for going home for the season” that have me most excited about spending another Christmas in St. Croix soon, the annual Christiansted Holiday Boat Parade among them.

Initially started in 1994 (a year after my last Christmas back home) as a small gesture on the part of the island’s fishing and boating industry to thank the local community for its ongoing support, the event has grown into one of the largest Holiday boat parades in the Caribbean.

Festivities start in the early afternoon, with the actual parade of brightly-lit boats kicking off around sunset.

To get a sense of the fun, check out this great video of the 2014 parade produced by our friend, longtime UC fan, and St. Croix-based professional photographer, Marjo Aho

Looks like a Holiday Season party we really shouldn’t miss, right?

The Christiansted Holiday Boat Parade takes place annually on the second Saturday in December. Hope to see you there during the Christmas 2016 Season!

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