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Horseback Riding Into the St. Croix Sea with Cowboy Steve: Uncommon Envy

You won’t find too many cowboys around the Caribbean. Rarer still, I image, are Irish Cowboys with a stable of friendly horses keen on guiding you through a rainforest, along verdant hills, and even into the sea.

That’s just what you’ll find on my home island of St. Croix, though, when you link up with Equus Rides. The company, owned by an Irish cowboy named Steven O’Dea, has been running horseback riding tours along St. Croix’s lush and historic North Shore for 20+ years. The time-frame mirrors my years living away from home, and even despite my usually annual visits, I can’t say that I’ve ever met Cowboy Steve.

I’ve definitely seen him and his crew doing their thing on many an occasion, though, usually while enjoying a sunset cocktail at Eat @ Cane Bay. It was on just such an evening that I snapped the photo above.

That’s Steve wearing the white cowboy hat at the far right leading a small group into the surf at Cane Bay. He had just got done instructing one of the younger riders on the finer points of standing up atop her saddle and jumping into the sea. They then swam off atop their steeds heading east along the coast and into the oncoming night.

Talk about a travel memory! I’m sure the whole experience is one these riders will never forget.

Yeah, I’m envious, especially after catching a bit of the horseback riding bug with my friends at Jill’s Equestrian Stables last year. I may not be a cowboy (yet), but with a little help from Cowboy Steve I hope to live this fantastic excursion when next I’m back home in St. Croix.

If you want to try it too, call Equus Rides at Tel: 340-513-4873 to reserve your ride. You can also check them out on Facebook here.

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