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Where Great Times Begin for Divers at Cane Bay, St. Croix

Great times start for so many of us, and for so many reasons, right where the sea meets the sand. This is especially true for scuba divers arriving at this exact spot on my home island of St. Croix.

This is the boat ramp at Cane Bay, a popular local beach on the north shore that’s home to a most amazing beach bar/restaurant and one of the best dive shops anywhere in the Caribbean.

Cane Bay Dive Shop is a PADI Five-Star IDC Dive Center that’s been making access to The Wall easier and more affordable since 1990.

What’s The Wall? Oh only one of the most jaw-dropping undersea attractions found anywhere in the world.

(More on The Wall here.)

Prior to 1990, St. Croix’s dive shops were primarily based in Christiansted, a good stretch further to the east. Getting to The Wall then meant forking over quite a few extra dollars for the long boat ride.

Once Cane Bay Dive Shop came along, though, accessing The Wall became as easy getting to this spot, climbing aboard the Cane Bay Dive Shop boat, and heading straight out toward the horizon.

To experience the wonders of The Wall, or any of the other great dive sites along St. Croix’s north shore, with the pros at Cane Bay Dive Shop, click here.

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