Sandy Point St. Croix Reading by Patrick Bennett
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Doing a Little Reading on Sandy Point, St. Croix: Wish You Were Here

Practically any day of the week, any time of day, ask us where we wish we were and there’s a good chance we’d say our old haunt of Sandy Point, St. Croix“The World’s Best Beach” according to Steve and one of the most exclusive and beautiful strips of sand to be found anywhere in the West Indies. Can you blame us? Have you spent a sunny Sunday on these sands?

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Rounding Sandy Point, St. Croix

Each time I return home for a visit, though, I find something new; a different perspective that makes me love St. Croix even more.
🇻🇮St. Croix

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The axiom has held true in St.Croix for as long as anyone can remember. West Is Best – much less a reckless boast espoused by the residents of Frederiksted than an affirmation generally shared by all Crucians of the many things that make the left coast of our home island so special.
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