Golden Rock Resort Sustainability

Sustainability is More Than Skin Deep at Statia’s New Golden Rock Resort

Many resorts and hotels across the Caribbean boast of their commitment to sustainability. They trumpet their well-meaning efforts at recycling, bans on plastic straws, beach clean-ups and the like. Few properties, though, have sustainability more intrinsically baked into their DNA than the all-new Golden Rock Resort in St Eustatius.

As we noted previously, Golden Rock stands as Statia’s most exciting new resort development in like, you know…forever! Initial appearances suggest the developers got a lot of things right. Style, comfort, amenities, the most Instagrammable bar anywhere in our islands… Yeah, Golden Rock looks perfect for uncommon travel taste. 

Beneath the surface of all the glitters at Golden Rock Resort, though, is a rock-solid commitment to eco-consciousness. A commitment to maintaining as small a carbon footprint as possible. 

A commitment to St Eustatius.

Here, solar panels power the entire resort. Not just the hot water, or a portion of the resort; I’m talking everything.

Golden Rock Resort also compensates for any water scarcity issues. The resort employs a reverse osmosis system capable of converting salt water from the sea into safe, clean drinking water. With a storage capacity of 240,000 liters, the system easily supplies all of Golden Rock’s needs without putting a strain on local utilities.

Wastewater pollution, a HUGE problem across the Caribbean that’s often exacerbated by resorts and hotels, isn’t an issue here either. Golden Rock directs its dirty water through a helophyte filtration system consisting of reed and bamboo. Filtered wastewater is repurposed for irrigation.

To be sure, Golden Rock Resort is one property that eco-conscious travelers can opt for with confidence.

The fact that you can do so without compromising elegance is a pretty nice bonus too.

For more on Statia’s new Golden Rock Resort, be sure to visit them online.

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