Staring at Statia From 30 Km at Sea

April 1, 2015 – The first time I ever laid eyes on Statia.

She was shrouded in clouds and haze, the annual summer Sahara dust having arrived a bit earlier in the Caribbean than usual. It was 10:30 in the morning and I was absolutely giddy, though it had nothing to do with the silhouette in my sights.

The day was to be spent making my first ever foray onto Saba, a sister island of sorts to Statia that had also fueled my wanderlust for as long as I could remember. Saba did not disappoint, of course, though I couldn’t help feeling more than a few pangs of regret over not making time for Statia.

For some reason I never even considered that I’d get close enough to see her, even though the islands lie a scant 30 km apart.

What would I be missing in Statia? How about hiking “into” this volcano? Or checking into this historic hotel? Or experiencing the thrill of happening upon my first blue bead?

It’s said that these colorful artifacts with unique ties to slavery and the purchase of Manhattan actually find you, not the other way around. Once they do, you’re bound to return to Statia again and again.

It will certainly be a thrill if I ever do get here and am found by a blue bead, but really, all I needed was this fuzzy sight of Statia to ensure that I won’t miss her when next I’m in her neighborhood.

Ever visited Statia and know of other uncommon experiences we shouldn’t miss? Let us know here, or by leaving a comment below.

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