Statia’s Old Gin House Has Me Smittened

Courtesy The Old Gin House/meonsxm via flickr

Love at first sight can be a dangerous thing. There’s just nothing sensible about it, which often means harsh consequences come about because of it.

I know all this, of course… Experienced those harsh consequences a time or two as well.

Still, when it comes to The Old Gin House in St. Eustatius, I just don’t care. I’ve been smitten with the place ever since I first glimpsed her website a couple years ago. I haven’t visited yet, but it’s right near the top of my ever-expanding Caribbean travel wish list. If you’ve ever looked into taking a trip to Statia, then I’m sure you feel the same way too, and not just because there are so few other choices…

The Old Gin House oozes with history and charm, two key elements I love in a hotel. True to its name, and perhaps a bit misleading to the tipplers among us, the property is a faithful reconstruction of an 18th century building that actually housed a cotton gin. Those bricks you see on its walls, they were once used as ballast by ships calling on the island.

The historic aspects of the hotel are complemented nicely by its location along Oranje Bay, just steps from the ruins of the ancient stone warehouses stemming from the island’s heyday as The Golden Rock. Just up the hill, guests can explore Fort Oranje, the 17th century citadel from whence the first official salute to what was then a brand new country called the United States of America was made on November 16, 1776.

The history alone is enough to make me want to check-in here, but as you might imagine, there’s a lot more to this special place. Take the rooms, for instance…

Courtesy The Old Gin House/meonsxm via flickr

Over-sized and airy, these rooms have all the look of the type of Old World style I love. It’s not flashy or over the top, just solidly authentic, comfy, West Indian. The motif is carried out throughout the property’s myriad of lounging areas, its restaurant, bar and pool area.

The whole place comes across like a stately, yet welcoming old Caribbean manor, the perfect place to rest and rejuvenate after exploring Statia’s historical attractions, hiking into The Quill Volcano, or diving into the island’s famed scuba environs.

The Old Gin House has just 18 rooms – 14 garden view, two ocean view and two one-bedroom suites – so you’ll want to plan well in advance to get in here. Rates start at just $147 per night, based on single occupancy in a garden view room. Double occupancy rates start at $155.

Smitten yet? Visit The Old Gin House online for reservations, and lets see if we can’t turn our crushes into long and lasting love connections!

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