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My Love/Hate Feelings Toward The St. John Ferry Dock Webcam

When you’re a small island with no airport, your sea ports take on added significance. In this way, the Loredon L. Boynes Sr. Ferry Dock in Cruz Bay is the most important spot in Saint John. This is the primary entry point into the island, with most people arriving via ferry from St Thomas. As such, it’s a place near, dear, and despised to many who love and have visited Love City.

The dock bookends the vast majority of visits to Saint John. If you’ve ever been, then you likely got your first taste for STJ’s uniquely laid back vibe right here.

As the main jumping off point for all departures from Saint John, though, the dock is also where you had to give up all that makes St. John special.

If the dichotomous nature of the dock engenders love/hate feelings in you, well…you’re not alone.

I personally feel the same way; alternately loving the memories of what Cruz Bay/STJ used to be, while also hating every time I had to leave.

All of this brings me to the St. John Spice People Ferry Cam…

The latest in our feature series of live webcams from around the Caribbean, this one trains its lens on a scene equally adored as it is despised by me. 

How about you? 


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