St. Kitts coconuts from The Caribbean Farmer
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Giving Thanks to The Caribbean Farmer

Unless you are one, know one, or are just all about all things ital, you probably don’t think much about the Caribbean farmer.

He/she is anonymous when you sit down for dinner at your favorite West Indian resort or hotel; when you stop for a quick bite along the side of the road; when you select something exotic and local from that one special shack inside the Carnival Village.

That Caribbean farmer, though, couldn’t be more integral to the overall enjoyment of your adventuring in the islands. To your health, your well-being, and the overall irie feeling you’ll take back home with you.

All of this speaks to another key reason why we LOVE Belle Mont Farm in St. Kitts.

Yes, it’s an ultra-exclusive resort, complete with all the attendant luxurious pampering and attentive, uncompromising service standards found at elite properties the world over. At its heart, though, Belle Mont Farm is really and truly a farm. A West Indian farm. With real a Caribbean farmer like Judah…

Here, the Caribbean farmer is not anonymous. Here, you can thank him face-to-face, learn from him, sit and reason life, love, nature, and the real West Indies for a while.

Pure niceness…

Learn more about Belle Mont Farm here.

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Basking in Belle Mont Farm, St. Kitts
🇰🇳St. Kitts

Basking in Belle Mont Farm, St. Kitts

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