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Coaxing a Cab for More Time at Cockleshell Beach, St. Kitts: Photo of the Day

There’s a certain cruelty one must endure when leaving Nevis by the private Nisbet Plantation ferry boat en route to the airport in St. Kitts. Watching as majestic Mount Nevis progressively shrinks from view is as agonizingly beautiful a scene as I’ve witnessed on all my travels, the memories of this special island’s people, charms, and unique plantation inns tops on my mind, yet torturing my heart.

It gets worse, though.

From Nevis, the Nisbet ferry drops you off at the spot pictured above. This is Cockleshell Beach, arguably the finest stretch of sand on St. Kitts. Unspoiled, stunning, and peppered with some nice little beach bars, Cockleshell was almost too much to bear.

My heart literally sank as the wife and I trudged ashore here a couple summers ago, both of us secure in the knowledge that we wouldn’t get to experience any of it. Our taxi was already there waiting to rush us off to the airport; back to reality.

We fought back, of course, coaxing a few extra minutes from our driver to sample the sweet vibes at Reggae Beach Bar. We almost missed our flight, but it still wasn’t nearly enough time.

When I dream of St. Kitts now, the scene above is what I see. These are not happy dreams.

They leave me wanting… envious… unfulfilled.

Most of all, though, they keep me endlessly ready to return, no coaxing required.

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