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Travel Forward (and Back) In Time From The Shores of Southeastern St. Kitts

If you’ve ever heard of St. Kitts, or were lucky enough to make a stop here, even if just for a few hours, then you very likely know of the island’s volcanic origins, manifested most dramatically in majestic Mount Liamuiga. Formerly known as Mount Misery for reasons I can’t wait to understand first hand, hopefully before the end of 2017, Liamuiga is the highest point in St. Kitts, towering a good 3,792 feet above all that makes St. Kitts so sweet.

It’s not the only volcano here, though…

St. Kitts’ 68 square miles is actually comprised of a series of overlapping volcanic centers stretching along the Lesser Antilles Volcanic Arc. The age of the island’s land mass gets progressively younger from the southeast shores pictured above to Mount Liamuiga in the northwest, making a journey from Reggae Beach Bar, past Belle Mont Farm, and all the way to Dieppe Bay Town a bit like traveling through time to the future.

Such a journey, though, would also take you to the Caribbean’s very distant past as Dieppe Bay Town (est. 1538) holds the distinction of being the oldest town settled by Europeans in all of the Eastern Caribbean.

Any way you look it, there’s a lot to discover in St. Kitts, no matter which direction you may roam. (Sticking around those old SE shores doesn’t look like such a bad option either!)

Wish you were here..?

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