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St Kitts Beaches: Sugar-Sweet in So Many Ways

More so than most anywhere in the Caribbean, St. Kitts is synonymous with sweet. The association is a hold-over from the island’s prodigious history of sugar production. Sugar was the industry here from the earliest days of European colonization up until the last sugar mill closed in 2005. Sugar isn’t king in St. Kitts anymore, of course. The St Kitts beaches, though, clearly illustrate that there’s still plenty that’s sweet about this place.

More to the point: the beaches in the southeast corner of St Kitts hearken to the island’s sugar heritage. The lighter white-gold sands found here are the most popular. 

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One color, though, does not fit all when it comes to St Kitts beaches. The shoreline here gets progressively darker the more you move toward the island’s northern region. That’s where you’ll find Mount Liamuiga, the youngest volcano in St. Kitts. Exotic, silver-grey sands in the shadow of the volcano yield an alluring exoticism I find impossible to resist.

The lighter sands to the south, though, are obviously quite nice as well, especially when they’re as uncrowded as pictured above.

Top St Kitts Beaches

Banana Bay

This formerly secluded gem located at the very tip of St. Kitts’ southeast peninsula is now home to a Park Hyatt resort. While the soft white sands and calm seas remain, a touch of the sweetness here has no doubt been diluted.


One bay over from Banana, Cockleshell stretches over two miles. The beach is a haven for water sports, beach bars (Reggae Beach Bar is not to be missed!), and restaurants. Cockleshell is also a prime jumping off point to Nevis

Turtle Beach

One bay over from Cockleshell, Turtle Bay continues the tradition of sublime white sand and calm seas espoused by its neighboring beaches. Turtle Beach, though, is less developed, so better for secluded beach fun.

Half Moon Bay

If you, like me, enjoy mixing in a bit of body surfing with your beach fun, then Half Moon Bay is for you. Situated on St. Kitts’ Atlantic coast, this broad expanse of beach is blessed with steady, if not overwhelming surf.

Sandy Bank Bay

Unique among St. Kitts’ Atlantic beaches for its unusually calm waters, Sandy Bank Bay offers all types of sweet seclusion. Just one restaurant and no water sports concessions make these shores perfect for privacy seekers.

South Frigate Bay

These sweet shores are home to a collection of beach bars and restaurants that together constitute party central in St. Kitts. Weekend fetes extend into the wee hours over this one-mile strip nestled along St. Kitts’ southern Caribbean coast.  

South Friars Bay

Situated just south of South Frigate, South Friars Beach is equally as calm, beautiful, and nice. Weekend parties here are jumping as well, particularly on Sundays.

North Friars Bay

Set on the windswept Atlantic coast, North Friars is arguably the most visited beach among overseas travelers to St. Kitts. Reason: the sprawling St. Kitts Marriott is set here. So too are a number of other hotels, restaurants, and condos.

Dieppe Bay Beach

Silver-grey volcanic sands, swaying palm trees, and idyllic isolation are what make Dieppe Bay Beach extra special to me. Its location at the very northern tip of St. Kitts affords beach goers an incredible view of neighboring Sint Eustatius. And while the turbulent Atlantic and Caribbean Sea meet here, an offshore reef keeps swimming conditions here calm and nice.


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