Chairman's Sweater Weather Warm Rum Cocktail
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Chairman’s Sweater Weather Warm and Spicy Rum Cocktail

‘Tis the season for something spicy, rummy, and above all, WARM! Yeah, baby, it’s cold outside, even here in sunny South Florida! Nighttime temps have dipped into the 40’s several times during the 2020 Holiday Season at the UC SoFla HQ. That, of course, is waaaaaaayyy too cold for this island boy! It’s sweater weather for sure, but not solely the thick and fluffy kind. Indeed, the sweater that’s warming my soul this winter season is mixed in a mug. It’s name: Chairman’s Sweater Weather.

Like the Jungle Oiseau and Daiquiri of the Dead cocktails we’ve shared recently, Chairman’s Sweater Weather is the proud creation of our master mixologist friend, Kiowa Bryan. Those previous concoctions featured the fine flavor of Martinican rhum agricole. The main attraction in Chairman’s Sweater Weather, though, hails from the next island down the Caribbean archipelago – Saint Lucia.

Loyal UC readers may remember Patrick’s long ago post hailing Chairman’s Reserve as The #1 Rum for Young St. Lucians. You might also recall my lauding Chairman’s Spiced for literally offering Sex In A Bottle.

So yeah, we love Chairman’s Rum. When I tried mixing up my first Chairman’s Sweater Weather, though, I didn’t really like it.

Chairman's Sweater Weather recipe card
Chairman’s Sweater Weather recipe card

The problem: It’s super, SUPER sweet. 

The standard recipe calls for equal parts Chairman’s Spiced Rum and cranberry juice, which isn’t so bad. It’s the apple cider, though, that really ups the sweetness factor a bit too far for me. 

Seriously, I could only drink one, which wasn’t enough to sustain my warmth (or buzz) for any suitable length of time.

To remedy things, I dialed back the apple cider in my next batch and watered things down a bit before heating. So, one part each of Chairman’s Spiced Rum, cranberry juice, apple cider, and water.

The result: pure spicy rum niceness with the extra added benefit of warmth. The perfect rum panacea for these cold winter nights…


Editor’s note: If you can’t find Chairman’s Spiced Rum at your local liquor, never fear! Our great friends at SPIRIBAM have it in stock for online orders shipping across the USA! Visit SPIRIBAM online to place your order today, and be sure to enter promo code “UCRHUM” at checkout to save 10% off your order on us.


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