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Friday Happy Hour: Picture-Perfect Piton Beer

As those of you who follow us on Facebook already know, Patrick is heading to St. Lucia today in search of “uncommon” stories to share with us in the coming weeks.

In honor of his latest adventure, we’re celebrating this Friday Happy Hour with the first thing he’ll undoubtedly drink upon stepping off his nonstop JetBlue flight from NY – Piton Beer.

Piton Beer from St. Lucia | SBPR
Piton Beer from St. Lucia | SBPR

Named in honor of St. Lucia’s iconic Piton Mountains, Piton Beer is a product of the island’s Windward and Leeward Brewery Limited, which was established by Heineken back in 1974.

Unlike Biere Lorraine from Martinique or Barbados’ Banks Beer, Piton doesn’t have a long and storied history (St. Lucians got their first taste of the brew in October 1992). What Piton lacks in history, though, it more than makes up for in thirst-quenching flavor worthy of some pretty impressive awards.

Check out the honor roll of international prizes:

• Piton Beer Silver Medal Bruxles Belgium 1993

• Piton Beer Gold Medal Paris France 1994

• Piton Shandy Lemon Grand Gold, Bruxles, Belgium. 1998.

• Piton Malta, Silver Medal, Bruxles, Belgium, 1998

• Piton Beer, Silver Medal, Prague, 2006.

• Piton Shandy Lemon, Gold Medal, Prague, 200

Not bad for a teenage beer. Anyway, I’m sure that Patrick will give us a full report on Piton soon enough. Enjoy the weekend everyone, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there.


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