Sugar Beach, Saint Lucia
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Stay Home, Stay Safe, and Enjoy Seven Minutes in Saint Lucia

Mid-May. A good seven weeks from now. That’s our new COVID-19 timeline here in Florida. Extra-added days at home, though, doesn’t mean less time for the Caribbean. At least not in the case of Saint Lucia

Seven Minutes in Saint Lucia

Our friends at the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA) have launched a new Seven Minutes in Saint Lucia social media campaign. Its aim: To provide a nice timeout from quarantine stress by whisking us away to St. Lucia… virtually… for seven minutes.

This may not be enough time for those, like Patrick, who are struggling with grade school assistant teacher duties. Still, it’s way better than nothing; especially when you consider the types of topics the series intends to cover. From the SLTA press release…

Discover yoga and meditation at the Pitons, make a tropical cocktail with locally-produced favourite Chairman’s Reserve Rum, or cook an authentic Saint Lucian dish with Chef Shorne Benjamin.

The rum cocktail segment is particularly appealing to me. (Shocker, right?) I mean, we have featured two Chairman’s Rum cocktail recipes in the past – Chairman’s Spiced Tea and the XOXO Summer Cooler. Considering all the time we’re spending staying safe at home, there couldn’t be a better time for another dose of cocktail inspiration from our favorite St. Lucian rum.

How To (Virtually) Escape to Saint Lucia

The Seven Minutes in Saint Lucia series airs on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning at 11am EDT. The series is accessible via the following platforms:

See you in Saint Lucia (sort of) soon!


*Photo credit: Patrick Bennett


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