Grand Case, still stunning just a few weeks after Hurricane Irma

What Hurricane Irma Couldn’t Take From St. Martin

Before Irma/After Irma.

Life and times on St. Maarten/St. Martin will, no doubt, forever carry either marker moving forward, so profound has been the impact of Hurricane Irma on the small dual nation island. While the storm exacted a heavy toll here, it certainly didn’t take everything. No storm ever does. Our friend, native SXM resident, and long-time UC fan, Malaika Maxwell, snapped these pics this past weekend in Grand Case as proof…

Still gorgeous Grand Case, St. Martin post Hurricane Irma
Still gorgeous Grand Case, St. Martin post Hurricane Irma | Credit: Malaika Maxwell

The beach, just as brilliantly beautiful as ever; the calm surf sporting its usual ultra-inviting multi-hued shades of blue…

La belle Grand Case, St. Martin, after Hurricane Irma
La belle Grand Case, St. Martin, after Hurricane Irma | Photo credit: Malaika Maxwell

Just as their island’s natural surrounds continue to shine, the resilient people on both sides of the border in St. Maarten/St. Martin are making steady progress in their recovery efforts. Their unbreakable spirit is already working to ensure that After Irma life here is just as good, or even better than the Before.

To track some of their efforts, search your favorite social media streams for #SXMWillSmileAgain and #SXMSmileAgain.

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