Getting All Made Up For St. Martin Carnival

Halloween always reminds me of Carnival, in general, and St. Martin Carnival, in particular. Obvious partying and masquerading associations aside, St. Martin Carnival was the first time I really got made up for the revelry. I mean, it’s one thing to wear a costume, but Carnival really kicks up a notch when you’re able to hide your true self more fully behind a great makeup job.

For St. Martin Carnival, the best person for such a job is Magali Beauvue.

Super-talented and equally as sweet, Magali is renowned in St. Martin, Paris, and Los Angeles for her makeup wizardry. She’s what’s known as a transformist, which basically means that she can make you up to look like virtually anyone, or anything you wish.

Magali’s particular forte is celebrity transformations. Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, Kim Kardashian – you can see videos of Magali transforming people into these and other stars on her Instagram feed.

Magali keeps things slightly more simple, though no less spectacular, for St. Martin Carnival. She even made somewhat of a devil out of me…

Me and Magali at St. Martin Carnival

Me and Magali at St. Martin Carnival

Armed with this look, you can be sure that the slackness meter was turned way up around me out on di road!

To put Magali’s talents to work for you, hit her up via Instagram.

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