Surfside on Tintamarre Island, Saint Martin

You’re in the Caribbean sitting on a beach, right at the shoreline, staring toward the horizon. Skies are clear, the warmth of the sun tempered softly by a steady sea breeze.

Things could not be better, right?

Well, actually, yeah.

Let’s say that beach is on a tiny, uninhabited private island.

Not just any private island, mind you; one with a rich history.

A history that once saw this private island’s scant .3 square miles ruled by one of the few Caribbean kings, the meager remains of his “castle” still around for you to explore.

A history that even saw this tiny islet serve as the preeminent hub of air travel in the French West Indies, remnants of the old runway persisting to this day.

Indeed, there’s a lot more to discover and enjoy on Tintamarre Island than just a pretty beach, which makes being there and savoring scenes like this all the more special…

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