Timeout from Turtle Watching on Île Tintamarre, St. Martin

If you go to Île Tintamarre, the petite protected islet nestled two miles off the northeast coast of French St. Martin, just to enjoy the beach, well, you’d be missing out.

The whole island is just .3 square miles in size, though as our twitter friend @Montaguekobbe reminded us the other day, there’s a lot of history and eco-adventure to discover here.

On my initial visit here just a few weeks ago, though, there was no time to trek into Tintamarre’s interior. That’s because I’d spent too much time exploring the seas just off her North Curve. Turtles and stingrays abound in these crystalline waters, the turtles relishing the grassy sea bottom.

I spent a good long while following one green turtle in particular, watching as he plunged from the surface to his hearty lunch below. In short order, a small stingray happened by, the two barely noticing each other despite coming within a few inches apart.

Yeah, the beach was very nice, but Tintamarre will always stick in my memory for the turtles… at least until my next visit when I hope to find reminders of the old airport here, while exploring her natural wonders.



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